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Chest of drawers 4

Four long drawers

R 3,000.00 without wheels

R 3,200.00 with wheels

Chest of drawers furniture

Chest of drawers 2

Two long drawers

R 2,880.00

Chest of drawers pedestal furniture

High One Drawer


1 Drawer + 2 shelves

R 2,000.00

Pedestal furniture

One Door


1 Door

R 1,350.00

Pedestal Furniture

Three Drawer


3 small Drawers

R 1,700.00

Pedestal Furniture



1 drawer + dubble door

R 2,300.00

Large Pedestal

Sideboard Seven

R 7,500.00

Sideboard 7 Furniture


We pride our self on our hand crafted products that are all unique in its beautiful natural state. All Lighouse products can be custom made and designed. Please be advised that all our furniture is rustic and we try to keep a very natural look. We also use reclaimed wood and there is always some defects. The defects however would never compromise the quality of the art piece. Our furniture is more art than furniture. It is always 100% functional and we try to create a feeling of touch, feel and smell.