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Bed bases designed to be moderns and minimalistic. The smooth lines are incorporated with the warmth of the natural tone, creating a stunning complementary look. We all need more storage in our homes, but don’t want to sacrifice style. Our pedestals and bedside tables are the perfect addition to your home – practical yet stylish. Pedestals will bring refinement and balance to your bedroom décor. Perfect for displaying a favorite piece of art or cherished heirloom, these stylish pieces are crafted out of a mix of reclaimed Spruce,  SPF, European Fur, and engineered wood depending on the style. Transform your bedroom. Bed base, headboards, pedestals, kist and cupboard designs comes in a variety of sizes. Offering sleek lines and a solid build, it’s the ideal foundation for a modern minimalistic bedroom. Open your door to the world of bedroom furniture with the Pedestals and Bedside Tables collection. 

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